Repossessions For Sale In Cyprus


Welcome to SLV Estates Guide To Buying Repossessions where all properties are below market value

SLV Estates Repossessions are not any normal properties,  we also have exclusive access to distrust properties &probates sales.

Repossessions can be online and sold within 24 hours,  it's important to know that they can be sold at any minute.

Sometimes there are deadlines on offer dates for properties,  when there is a deadline this means all the offers taken in over the period will be assessed and the highest offer will be the proud new owner.*

*These type of repossessions will most likely sell for over the asking price!

Repossessions that have been for sale for longer or more likely to be sold under the asking price.

We will produce all paperwork and offer/tender forms for you.

Once an offer tender has been placed,  our decision can take between 2-10 days. There are no negotiations with repossessions, only offers Accepted or offer Declined.

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